Croc and Worm in a Well

Croc standing idle with a Well Worm right behind him.

A Worm in a Well or Giant Worm is possibly the scariest enemy in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos. They are giant pink worms with segmented bodies that reside in green or brick Wells. These monsters will half pop out of their wells and attempt to bite at Croc.


These worms live in green and sometimes brick wells, and when Croc gets too close to the well, the worm will pop half its body out and try to take a huge bite at Croc. In order for Croc to avoid being bitten, he must run away from the opening, out of the worm's range, and wait until it attacks and retreats back into its hole. If Croc gets close again, the worm will come out of the well and attack. If you jump into the hole and bounce of the jelly that will most likely be there to land on the edge of the well, the worm won't arrive until you jump off.


Inside the worms' wells are usually Jelly Jumps that prevent Croc from going deeper down. The exception is for one Well Worm in "And So The Adventure Begins", in which jumping down the well leads to a cave.

Notable appearancesEdit

At the beginning of the level "Fight Night With Flibby," there is a rock which can be broken by stomping it. This reveals a pit, which sparkling stars transports Croc to an underground bonus area with many Giant well worms. Above each hole is an Extra Life, which can be reached by bouncing on the Jelly Jumps inside each well. This cave holds the most Worms in Wells in any other area.

Levels foundEdit


  • Because most of the wells contain jellies, it is illogical for the worm to be able to come out of the hole.
  • In one level, the The Curvy Caverns, one well contains a secret life within the well by the jelly.
  • In the beta version of Croc this worm comes out of a tree stump.

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