Venus Fly Von-Trapp is the first Guardian in the Caveman Village. He is a giant Venus Fly Trap that lives in the jungle. Croc must save some Gobbos from him.


Vine Attack - Venus attacks by whacking with small vines sticking out his side

Giant double Vine attack - Venus attacks with 2 giant vines in front of him

Bite - Venus bites using mouth like growths growing from his front

Root attack - Venus attacks by whipping using a root that digs through the ground on the dirt part

Official BiosEdit

Croc 2 BioEdit

"This monstrous mutant plant is the overgrown pet of Baron Dante. When Venus finally eats all the food in Dante's castle the Baron got his Dantinis to plant the beast in close proximity to its favourite food source, Gobbos!!"

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