Swipe Swiftly
Swipe Swiftly
is a minor antagonist in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos. He is found only on the Castle Island, where he is fought several times in the level Swipe Swiftly's Wicked Ride.


A small yellow pirate-esque Dantini with a large sword carried in his right hand and wearing an eyepatch and purple shorts or ripped trousers. He attacks Croc while standing on a rapidly falling platform. As he attacks, he shouts "En Garde" which is French for "On Your Guard". Croc can tail attack him a single time to defeat him.


  • While the title of the level seems to insinuate one Swipe Swiftly, interestingly enough it appears that there are many Swipe Swiftlys- as many as four can exist on the platform at once (in each corner), and an indefinite amount continually fall from above. It is also possible that the swordsman/men are in fact not called Swipe Swiftly at all, and that Swipe is an unseen character owning parts or all of the level, but because this cannot be confirmed, the Wiki has named the swordsman Swipe for simplicity.
  • If you pause the game at the right moment as one Swipe jumps down, he will appear as a blob.
  • He is the only character to talk in comprehensible words in the entire game.

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