This article contains various scenery used in the Croc games. These are not technically interactive, like a Smash Box or a character but are rather static solid objects found in many levels. Feel free to add any ripped background images or textures to the galleries.

Croc: Legend of the GobbosEdit

  • 1-3 LS

    The three sheep on the level select screen.

    Sheep (non-interactive): This type of sheep which are not interactive are found on the Level Select screen for the level Shoutin' Lava Lava Lava on Forest Island. It shows three sheep grazing The same level features sheep at the end of the level in the Crystal Door Challenge (see article for more).

Textures GalleryEdit

Island Textures Edit

These textures represent the scenery of the current island.

Backgrounds Edit

Croc 2Edit

Textures GalleryEdit

Island TexturesEdit

These textures represent the scenery of the current island. The Forest Island is typically red and yellow for Smash Boxes while outside and purple when in caves. Platforms are often green while outside and purple when in caves. Caves are generally purple colour for the walls. There is lava inside and in caves which is always orange.

Ice Island is mostly snow, ice and icy water. Smash Boxes are generally light blue with white patches when outside to represent ice and snow, but in ice caves they are generally a darker blue with similar appearance. Platforms are purple with white spots to represent snow and in caves are purple with blue-silverish texture. Cave walls look purpe with electric blue icy textures on them.

The Desert Island have Smash Boxes with a sand coloured texture with dotted outlines. They are identical in desert caves. Platforms have a basic sand coloured grain on them and are also identical in caves. Mud pits are found both inside and out and are brown. Caves look similar to Forest caves but are more orange for the walls.

The Castle Island has platforms which are red and yellow with an insignia of Baron Dante on them. There are no platforms seen in caves/dungeons. Smash Boxes are orange with grey borders both inside and out. Dungeons (or caves) on this island are usually dark corridors with a path and basic black walls around them.

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Unused SceneryEdit

Island Textures Edit

Backgrounds Edit

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