The Professor Gobbo is a Gobbo who appeared in Croc 2. It is unknown where exactly the Professor lives as his presence is hinted of in at least a couple Villages. He was kidnapped by Dantinis after he witnessed the resurrection of Baron Dante. After Croc defeats Baron Dante, The Professor Gobbo takes him to his plane and Croc flies away to his family.


The game starts off with the inventor building a plane and then wrapping up the day's work when all of a sudden he discovers some Dantinis performing a ritual. He curiously checks to see what happens until he sees the Baron Dante 2 resurrected from his death in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos. He then runs but is ambushed by a pack of Dantinis who have come to see their new master. From here on its hard to know what happens but he remained a captive of Baron Dante until Croc used the plane that he built in an attempt to defeat the evil magician. Although unsuccessful, he was able to escape and meet Croc in Dungeon of Defright and think of a plan to defeat the Baron whilst Croc freed the other captive Gobbos and defeated Goo Man Chu. He eventually came up with an idea to create a portal using the Colored Crystals as they were the source of Dante's Power. Croc was able to protect the Gobbo long enough for him to lay out all the crystals. This then sucks Dante into a black portal and he is presumed dead (although Swap Meet Pete tells Croc that he will be back). He then discovers a map which shows the location to Croc's Island where his parents are (it's speculated that Dante had this map as he was able to find Croc's family and steal the Eggs), and he then flies with Croc to meet his parents for the first time in many years. The main story concludes with Dante stealing the Crocodile Eggs and hiding them in his twisted worlds.