King Rufus is the King of the Gobbo Archipelago and leader of the Gobbos.


King Rufus appears just like any other Gobbo, except he wears a crown upon his head. In some promotional artwork, he also dons a royal red cape.


King Rufus

King Rufus directing his loyal citizens.

King Rufus is the single most powerful Gobbo in the Gobbo Archipelago. It was he that rescued Croc and raised him as his own, making King Rufus Croc's adoptive father. Therefore, very loosely, he is the one that saved the Gobbos from Baron Dante.

Due to his status amongst the Gobbos, it was he that Baron Dante captured and locked up in his castle during the Invasion of Gobbo Valley. He had no choice but to place his faith in his adopted son, waiting for him to save him.

In Croc Mobile: Volcanic Panic! King Rufus was set to marry Princess Tara. However, Baron Dante showed up again and the wedding had to be put on hold while Croc saved her and several other Gobbos from Baron Dante.

He introduced Croc to Beany The Bird.

Gobbo ValleyEdit

King Rufus resides in Gobbo Valley, in his palace.


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