Also known as simply Gummi Savers or Jelly Jumps, these are essentially bouncy jelly rings. They come in three different 'flavors': light blue ones (or sometimes orange) offer a small jump, green ones are lime flavored and offer a medium jump, and purple (or sometimes red) ones are strawberry flavored and offer the biggest jump. There are also Pink Jellies which are only found in a level and allows Croc to jump about as high as with an Orange/Blue Jelly. You can purchase these at the Swap Meet Pete store in each Village. They are used in specific marked locations within most normal stages, where Croc may place the Jelly, letting you reach otherwise unreachable locations. You are able to put whatever type of Jelly onto any marked location, but be warned, if you put an Orange Jelly where a Strawberry Jelly should be, you won't be able to reach high enough!

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