Hearts are found (usually hidden) in many places throughout the game. Picking up one gives Croc an extra life. The most common places that Hearts are found are usually in Bonus Areas, which are usually in secret places by picking up Sparkling Stars or landing on special Platforms. See the Cheats, Hints and Tips page for tips on how and where to get extra Hearts. Every time Croc is hurt during the game while holding no white crystals, he loses a life and returns to the start of the level or at the beginning of part of level, for example, when Croc enters a door. Hearts are found in Smash Boxes, lying around, and are also obtained by collecting 100 or more white crystals in a level. The maximum lives Croc may have at one time is 98. If he touches another one, the animation will play but he will still have 98 lives. Croc starts a new game with two lives, and when he dies while the count is 0, the game is over and Croc must restart the level he last played.

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