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Professional Boxer
Punch, Slam and Swing
Runs out of breath, ticklish on front
Boxing Gloves
Eye Color

Flibby is a ladybug in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos and is the second Guardian of Forest Island. She appears in the level Fight Night With Flibby.


Croc Legend Of The Gobbos - Boss Intro 2 Fight Night With Flibby00:20

Croc Legend Of The Gobbos - Boss Intro 2 Fight Night With Flibby

Flibby was an innocent ladybug who lived on Forest Island. When Baron Dante realized Croc defeated Tooty the Feeble, he decided to create a second Guardian.

Dante found Flibby crawling along a tree branch and placed her on a mushroom. He used his magic to turn Flibby into a powerhouse boxer, complete with boxing gloves. Flibby challenged Croc to a match in the island's boxing ring.


Set in a boxing ring, Croc must approach Flibby while dodging her attacks. She will then take a breath in which Croc must tail-attack her and stomp on her while on her back. She has three attack-styles: swing, multi-punch and slam, so be careful. Do this three times to defeat her.

Flibby attack 1
Flibby attack 3
Flibby attack 2

Trivia Edit

  • In the fight with Flibby, cheering can be heard when Croc lands a hit, and booing can be heard when Flibby damages Croc. These voices actually sound nothing like Gobbos, implying that humans may also live on Forest Island.
  • On the offical Croc website, Flibby's bio states: Flibby is a great fighter. She could have been a contender if it hadn't been for her glass stomach. All those nights down at the gym wasted on a ticklish ladybug!
  • This is the only Guardian which requires Croc to use both a tail and stomp attack.
  • This is the only ladybug in the game.

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