See also: Coloured Crystals

Crystals are the most common collectible object in the game, and the white ones also represent Croc's health. They are found in Smash Boxes, on land, and other various locations. If Croc is hurt while holding these crystals, he will drop them instead of losing a life. Croc will flash for a few seconds which prevents him from being hurt during that time, unless he falls in a Pit or off a cliff, in which case he loses a life. The crystals dropped will not stay on the ground for long, and Croc will drop all crystals he has even though once dropped he cannot claim the same number of crystals he had if he had over a certain amount, possibly 10-15.

There is no constant number of crystals in the levels, apart from in Guardian levels, where there are always 50 (apart from Secret Sentinel; there are only 8). If Croc collects 100 crystals, he gains an extra life. Baron Dante's evil powers appear to stem from the crystals. At the very end of Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, provided you have collected everything and unlocked all of the game's secrets, you get to fight Baron Dante's final form, Crystal Dante, who is not only made out of crystal, but explodes into dozens of smaller crystals when defeated. Croc takes one as a souvenir, and it is probably for this reason that Baron Dante is missing his right eye, and wears an eye-patch in Croc 2.

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