There is a relatively good amount of Croc Merchandise out there, at least given how long Croc was around for. Unfortunately, a good portion of it is promotional, and very difficult to obtain.





Plus another Playstation magazine poster


Plush ToysEdit

In addition to this, there is a life-size four-foot-tall plush that was given away in a US-only online sweepstakes promotion for Croc 2 which was run on Fox Interactive's website back in 1999 (the winner won the plush and a family vacation to Australia).

Strategy GuidesEdit


Not pictured:

  • Croc key-ring
  • Croc 2 CD wallet
  • A sheet of Croc 2 magnets
  • The poster from the packaging for Croc for the Game Boy Color
  • Wooden Smash Box, containing a crystal with the Croc: Legend of the Gobbos logo set etched into its base, with an invite to the ECTS 1997 press party for the original game's launch etched into the lid
  • Figures (likely prototypes)
  • TV series pilot by Saban (1999)