This page shows just how a level in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos should look like. Make sure you add the correct categories to the article too. If you know the article is not yet fully complete, please add the Incomplete Articles category to it as well and remove it when appropriate. This helps users find other levels or articles that belong to other articles. For example, for the level And So The Adventure Begins you should add Levels, Levels in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, Levels on Forest Island, Levels with Bonus Areas and Normal Levels. If you think any additional categories are appropriate, please add them!

Level Code and Title


Level type
White Crystal


Silver Key


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Additional features
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'Level title' is a level played in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, and the nth level on 'Island Title'.

Normal LevelsEdit

The levels in which six Gobbos are required should show this message:

  • As with all the other normal levels on the game, there are 6 Gobbos that need collecting.

Other LevelsEdit

Use the appropriate sentence to describe what the level is about:

  • This is the nth Guardian Level on 'Island Name' and the nth Guardian level overall. In this level, Croc must defeat 'Guardian Name'.
  • This level is a secret level which can only be accessed by collecting all 6 Gobbos from the previous three levels (Level Names here). It does not include any Gobbos or coloured crystals but does include one of the eight Jigsaw Pieces used to create and unlock the secret Crystal Island.


Please post a video of a walkthrough of the level from YouTube here. The video below serves as an example:

Let's Play Croc 01 And so the Adventure Begins11:50

Let's Play Croc 01 And so the Adventure Begins


In this section please give detail to where the locations of all six Gobbos are in the level if applicable. Only use screenshots if absolutely necessary.

Coloured CrystalsEdit

In this section please give detail to where the locations of all 5 Coloured Crystals are in the level if applicable. Only use screenshots if absolutely necessary.


Please list the items Croc can pick up and the quantity under this section. If it has over 100 white Crystals, please add the category 'Category:Croc: Levels With 100 or More Crystals in Legend of the Gobbos:

Bonus Area/Additional FeaturesEdit

If the level has a bonus area or other additional feature uncommon or unique to the level, please put a description of it here:

To access the bonus area, (describe method here).


Please add a list of tracks which play in the level from the game with the track numbers according to the Sound Check feature.


Please add anything useful or interesting information about the level here, such as a pun of the level's title, or if a creature or object only appears in this level, for example.

See AlsoEdit

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