This article depicts the layout that an island in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos should look like. Do not edit it unless it really is necessary. Not all islands will be applicable to this layout.

Island Name
Previous Island
No information
Next Island
No information
First Guardian
No information
Second Guardian
No information
First Level
No information
Last Level
No information
Secret Levels
No information

Embed YouTube video of complete island walkthrough here.

Describe island here.


Put in the appropriate data for the levels in this table. Features can include underwater areas, Bonus Areas, Crystal Door Challenges etc.

Level Password Features


Describe in detail about the Guardians found on the island and how to defeat them.

Guardian 1 - (Level title)Edit

Guardian 2 - (Level title)Edit

Crystal Door ChallengesEdit

In this section put in a short walkthrough about how to compete each Crystal Door Challenge on the island, giving them a difficulty rating of 5.

Other CharactersEdit

List any non-enemy characters who feature on this island.


List any hazards which may hurt Croc (exluding pits) here.


List the enemies who appear on this island.


Embed a video of the soundtrack playing using level select for this island.


List any interesting facts about this island here.

See alsoEdit

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