Cactus Jack


Shoots thorns, spins around rapidly
Gets dizzy after spinning

Cactus Jack is the second Guardian of the Desert Island in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos. He appears in the level 3-B2 in "Cactus Jack's Ranch". He was formed when Baron Dante used his magic on a Cactus and a Gecko. Cactus jack will start off the fight by shooting needles at Croc. After he shoots he will either spin around the arena at a super fast speed or he will slowly spin towards Croc's direction. After he gets dizzy from spinning he will stop for a while making him vulnerable to Croc's tail whip attack. Cactus Jack has 3 hit points.


He appears to be a large humanoid cactus with thorns covering his whole body. He has two large bottom canine teeth and two large eyes.


Cactus Jack spin

Spin attack

His Attacks consist of:

  • Shooting Barbs at Croc
  • Spinning at Highspeeds around the Arena
  • Spinning at a slower rate towards croc
Cactus Jack spikes

Cactus Jack shooting thorns


  • He is the Biggest Guardian in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos. (Same size as Baron Dante)
  • He is the only Guardian (Except Baron Dante) to have an Orchestrated Guardian theme.
  • His arena is the only one with the exception of Secret Sentinel to contain crystals.
  • His bio on the official Croc site states: The cactus plant is the one thing all Gobbos find amusing. The Baron planned on taking over the villages with his Cactus Jack spell.
  • His name might be a reference to the Professional Wrestler of the same name.

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