The Beany Gong is found in most levels other than Guardian levels (except the Secret Sentinel) and Secret Levels. When Croc tail attacks it, the level ends and Croc is able to choose another level. There are usually two Beany Gongs in each normal level; one outside the Crystal Door, and one within the area, in case the player does not have all Coloured Crystals. The only level in which the Beany Gongs do not finish the level is Secret Sentinel, as there are four of them and the vibrations they make when all resonate are used to defeat The Secret Sentinel.

Once Croc uses his tail attack on it, Beany the Bird will appear to take Croc away.


  • An earlier version of the Gong excluded Beany's picture.
  • In the Game boy Color version of the game, the gong features Croc's head rather than Beany's.

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