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• 12/18/2018

Does the life-size plush actually exist?

After a bit of research, I'm doubting its existence. I've heard many people tell tales of it, but with nothing to back it up.

A search on the wayback machine showed me that very contest and - guess what? There's no mention of a plush.

Does anyone have any solid proof that this thing exists, other than a (possibly fake) memory?

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• 11/27/2017

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• 10/14/2016

Small survery about Croc Returns
I would greatly appreciate your help guys!
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• 12/25/2015


I don't really have much time but I would just like to wish a Merry Christmas to everyone on this wiki and I hope you all have a great day!
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• 9/3/2015

A small mod I found online

I found a small mod for Croc online which switches Croc for Baron Dante and I just thought I'd share it here since it looks nice, so here are a few screenshots I took.
Credit for this mod goes to user RayKoopa from Deviantart, he had a link to it in a comment on this picture  He is also the same person who made the cheat table allowing Croc to fly about a year ago, maybe at some point I might try to get in contact with him to ask how exactly he did it and then maybe we could do the same for more characters. I have tried changing models in the past but it would come out like this so I guess I was doing something wrong.
If you want to add the mod he gives a link to it here  to install it just go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Fox\Croc\gdata and add the files you just downloaded (Be sure to back up the original files before adding these ones)
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• 8/2/2015

Wiki background

I was just thinking, maybe we should add a background image to the Wiki instead of it just being a plain green, (Make it like in this Wiki where you can see two of the game characters in the background, maybe we could have Croc on the left and Baron Dante on the right, or maybe like in this Wiki where you can just see an area from the game [Although I'm not sure which Croc area we would add.]) Anyway I just want to know people's opinions on this and if you think it is a good idea. If no one disagrees then I might make a temporary background, add it and if people like it keep it, if it turns out to not look good then we can always go back to the green we have right now.
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• 6/27/2015

Croc 2 (PS1 PAL Version): door for secret level doesn't open

I am not sure if this is a sort of weird bug or I am just missing something, but I decided to post here to see if any of you guys know how this could possibly happen.
First of all I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong section, but I didn't know where to post something like this.
Now, about the issue: I just finished the game and I wanted to unlock the secret villages.
In order to do that I should get all the Golden Gobbo Statues and then all the jigsaw pieces. Well, everything was going fine but, when I reached the door of the first secret level (the one in the Sailor village), it wouldn't open, for some unknown reasons, even though I got the 5 required statues.
I tried going through all levels to get the statues again, but it was no use. I can't get them more than once of course...
So, does anyone know how this bug triggered and a possible fix of it? I was thinking about bypassing that door somehow, but Croc 2's physics aren't very helpful... If you are aware of a way to bypass the door for the secret level, please do tell!
Here are some screenshots which, hopefully, speak by themselves.
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• 6/21/2015

testing some things

I did this texture in 20 seconds, it will be 3x better. I was thinking about cracked platform animation. Any ideas?
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• 6/15/2015

Cave soundtracks from Croc 2

Can someone post here, upload or send me all cave soundtracks from Croc 2 ? 
Thanks for help
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• 5/7/2015

Croc Fangame

A new Croc fangame will be made (More info here) it's great to see that even today, 18 years since Croc's release, fangames are still made. Also the maker says that he will use blender to make the models, which means that it will be a 3D game which is great since none of the Croc fangames (That I know of) have ever been in 3D (except the unreleased Croc 1 remake in the old Croc forums) so this is great. I'm really looking forward to this and I thought I'd share it.
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• 3/11/2015

Anyone heard of this site? Basically, the concept is, people can join up accounts and take turns in being the DJ which means that they can choose a song from YouTube or Soundcloud, and the others can rate it a Woot or a Meh if they like it or not. You can also have rules for a specific room, for example I will create a room for the Croc soundtrack (although if it is welcome I can put other genres on too).
It just takes an email and password (you don't even need the email apart from resetting a password I think) and you stay logged in until cookies are cleared or you choose to log out. Anyone interested?
Just follow the onscreen instructions to make an account and join me :)
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• 3/7/2015

Level images

Hello everyone, as you might have noticed, most of the images in the level galleries for Croc 1 and 2 don't have the best of quality due to most of them being taken from Youtube videos. So, I thought I'd replace them with new images of better quality that I'll make and delete the old ones. I know that it will take time for me to take new screenshots of every area in every single level of both games but I don't really mind it. So do you think I should do it or not?
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• 1/24/2015

Croc Questions

Hey everybody, so a couple of days ago I contacted Simon Keating (The original Croc creator) asking him if he would mind answering a few questions about Croc (Mostly stuff like the names of certain things in the Croc games in order to put them on the Wiki.) He said yes so I'm going to send him some questions soon, so if you have any questions for him just say it in this thread and I'll ask them too.
EDIT: The questions have been sent, please do not post any more.
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• 1/20/2015

Croc Contests added

Hello fellow Croc fans, I just added a new page called Croc Contests
The purpose of this page is to provide information and pictures about various constests featuring our favorite crocodile.
If you don't think the page is suitable, feel free to delete it.
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• 12/8/2014

Croc little game

I may consider making a Croc-related mini-game some time you know. It won't be anything fancy but it's possible I may decide to create one.
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• 11/21/2014

Croc forums

Does anybody else think that a new Croc forum should be created since all the Croc forums that have ever existed are now either deleted or deactivated, sure this wiki has it's own forum but almost nobody visits here. I've been thinking for some time to create a new Croc forum, it's pretty easy and free (If I make it I'll probably use Proboards) so that there is a place where Croc fans can talk, I know that if I make it it will probably be pretty quiet since I dont think there are many Croc fans left but still I would like to create a new forum, so do you think I should create a new Croc forum and revive the Croc community which is pretty dead at the momment?
PS. If you think I should create a new forum then please leave a name suggestion as I'm terible with names and I have no idea what I should call it.
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• 11/17/2014

Gallery Update

I reckon in the gallery we could add all the item/creatures/elements etc and for the captions how many of each there are.
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• 11/15/2014

Walkthroughs - Video vs Text

Should we include text walkthroughs as well as video?
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• 10/30/2014

Level Item Stats

Hi all, I just had an idea to thoroughly check the items in each level for Croc 1. We can use a Hex Editor like HxD which can show what items, enemies and elements are in each level and the number of them. This is especially useful for counting the crystals in the Desert Island Crystal Door Challenges. Please see the Modding Croc Thread for more info on how to do this.
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• 6/17/2014

Modding Croc Thread

Ask questions about modding or hacking Croc, or help answer them!
See the previous thread here.
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